Monday, 21 May 2012

Steps to Add Adsense Ads Below blog title

Here we are explained how to add adsense ads below blog title. If you are blogger user then you might want to increase your adsense revenues, so you can add adsense code in your blogger header part can be really beneficial.

When visitor arrives to your website or blog, they will definitely look at your header and then you might get more clicks (revenues).

Just follow the steps below to add Adsense Ads Below blog title:

1.First Login to your Blogger Account.

Blogger Dashboard Design

2.Then go to ‘Design‘and then ‘Edit HTML‘tab.

Blogger Layout

3.Then take Backup of your full template.

4.After that find the below code given.

5. Find the code given below. You can find it just after </head> tag:

<b:section id=”header” maxwidgets=”1″ showaddelement=”no”>

6. Change maxwidgets=”1″ to maxwidgets=”2″. Also change showaddelement=”no” to showaddelement=”yes” and save your template.

7.Now go to the ‘Page Elements‘ tab and there you’ll see that you can add another widget in your header.

8.Insert your Adsense code and make more revenues.

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